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My music.


Growing up in Syria, I was surrounded by traditional classical middle eastern music . As time passed, I still maintained my love for the traditional Arabic tarab but my exposure to other genres of music made me curious. I have become passionate about fusing different melodic forms and rhythms such as bossa nova and gypsy jazz with Arabic flavor. This is my quest and to share these unique beats with the world.

Bayti Ana Baytak - بيتي أنا بيتك | Live Performance in New York.

A song I dedicated to home. It was originally sung by the icon Fairouz, and written by the Rahbani brothers.

Haga Ghariba, حاجة غريبة, Astaza and DooZhen Choir, فرقة أستذة وجوقة دوزان

Songs for Syria Concert at Berklee College of Music "Sanarjiou Yawman" cover, original song by Al Rahbani brothers  “سنرجع يوماً” 


(Bella Ciao) Thawret Shaab - ثورة شعب | Nano's Arabic adaptation of the famous Bella Ciao song for the revolution in Lebanon and the Middle East. "I hope this song can bring some joy and empowerment to the Lebanese revolution and the protestors."

On June 24th Saudi women were finally allowed to drive. Because this is the first time they are permitted to do so in Saudi Arabia, I am very honored to present to you our interpretation of the famous The Beatles song "Baby You Can Drive My Car" in Arabic 

"رح سوق السيارة""Drive My Car" . Lyrics are written by myself. And, special thanks to my dear friend Hussam Jefee-Bahloul for his help in lyrical input. Arrangement is by Naseem Al-Atrash.

The project was sponsored and produced by Berklee college of Music. 

"Finnisma Di" performance with internationally renowned Pink Martini on their 20th anniversary of their debut album Sympatique.

Performance of "Ya Nabel Mahabbi" at the opening of The SECURITY-DEVELOPMENT NEXUS 2018 Spring Meeting at The World Bank in Washington DC.

Songs for Syria Concert at Berklee College of Music "Ahwaka Bila Amali" cover, original song by Fairuz and written by Zaki Nasif أغنية "اهواك بلا امل" للكاتب زكي ناصيف 

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