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Syrian American singing coach New York based, Nano Raies:


“My teaching focuses on vocal singing technique (breathing and abdominal technique) that allows one to sing effortlessly in a high quality voice and healthy vocal cords.  The technique is based on Opera singing but it’s also applied on all genres like Arabic/Middle Eastern, Pop, Jazz, and others. And I especially enjoy teaching Arabic singing with all its maqams/scales, phrasing, ornaments, microtones, diction, and repertoire.


I’ve been fortunate to learn this technique from a rare of a kind opera singer and vocal coach & pedagogy, Arax Chekijian, since 2004. Arax is behind the success of many world renowned international singers, and I have been very lucky to be studying closely with her how to teach her method to others. I have a deep passion to carry on her torch and I’m honored to be giving singing lessons using her method.”

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